Maternity Panties

Maternity panties for pregnant women

Maternity panties, or “maternity underwear” as they are often called, are panties meant to be worn during pregnancy. Maternity panties for pregnant women typically provide added support and coverage throughout the pelvis and abdomen and intended to support the changing shape of a woman’s body throughout pregnancy.

They’re made with a maternity panel that extends from the belly band up over the belly and around the back. Maternity panties for pregnant women also tend to have a higher rise, which means that they’ll come up over your belly instead of just sitting on top of it. Maternity panties aren’t just for women who are currently pregnant — some women may find them more comfortable than regular underwear during or after pregnancy.

When to buy a maternity panties

When to buy a maternity panties is a question that many pregnant women ask. The answer, of course, depends on the individual woman and her pregnancy.

Some women find they need maternity panties early on in their pregnancies, while others can get by with their regular panties for a little longer. Ultimately, it is important to listen to your body and buy maternity panties when you start to feel uncomfortable.

Although there is no clear “right” time to buy maternity panties, many women find that they need them after the fourth month of their pregnancy. This is when baby has grown so much that it can push on your bladder, causing urinary frequency and urgency.