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Buy women’s panties and underwear online in India

Many women today try to lead a modern lifestyle, dressing up in the latest fashion trends. While women have much freedom now,

they still prefer to dress modestly. Most women like soft clothing and choose comfortable outfits for themselves. Softness is an essential factor in choosing underwear as well that doesn’t irritate the skin or any other sensitive parts of the body.

Nowadays there are many online retail websites that offer a great variety of panties. You can choose lingerie that matches your skin tone, size, and most importantly the taste. The Internet offers women an interesting range for their panty choices; there are many websites like that offer solutions to meet individual needs. If you wish to buy sexy lace underwear online in India, simply visit

Hipster Panties

Hipster panties are those that sit low on the hips, often exposing a fair portion of the lower abdomen and making them easy to pull down. The hipster style is typically composed of three sections: an upper-hip section which sits higher above the belly button (and may swoop outwards), a central section (often seamless) which sits lower against the belly, and a bottom-hip section which sits even lower.

Hipster panties are often designed with little to no seams at all, especially in the central section (due to its seam placement). They may also be cut wide on the sides of the legs for better leg movement, less constriction, and greater comfort.


Boyshorts are an undergarment that imitates shorts and usually come to the middle of your upper thigh.

They are often in a cotton blend and can be similar in appearance to briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs, but boyshorts tend to be more tight-fitting than men’s underwear.

They are suitable for exercising, lounging, swimming and everyday wear.

Boyshorts come in many colors, sizes, and patterns. Some even have lacy hems or lace insets along the waistband to add texture or volume to your look. They can be matched with various types of brassieres and tops.

Seamless Panties

Seamless Panties are a newcomer to the underwear industry. The main selling point of this product is for no panty lines. Gone are the days where you have to wear thongs, boyshorts, or granny panties!

There’s a second reason why seamless undies might be good for you: “People who have undergone bariatric surgery sometimes experience a condition called paresthesia, which causes persistent pain or numbness in the lower abdomen. Wearing seamless underwear could help ease that chronic discomfort.”

Seamless Panties are your best defense against visible panty lines.

They are not only great for wearing under tighter clothes, but they are also very comfortable!

Bikini panties

Bikini panties are a type of undergarment that has gained much popularity, particularly with teenage girls.

Bikini panties are characterized by high-cut legs, 2-3 inches below the navel. They are similar to thongs but provide far less coverage. Many women prefer this type because it cuts down on panty line appearance and is more comfortable than other choices.

Period Panties

Period panties are designed to absorb menstrual fluids, but unlike pads or tampons, they don’t interfere with daily activities. They allow the skin to stay dry and free of odor because it’s worn like regular underwear.

When to Use Them

These underwear are perfect for women who like to swim, go to the gym or participate in dance classes because they provide protection against leaks and stains without making it uncomfortable. Every woman is different and will feel more comfortable if she chooses a design that fits well and is breathable. Some may also want to try different styles to find the best fit or material.

Antimicrobial panties

Antimicrobial panties are the new striped underwear in town. They’re made with the treated cloth, which inhibits the growth of bacteria in them, this type is especially recommended for people who spend time in gyms, swimming pools, or other places where there’s a higher risk of catching infections.


If you want to look cute and sexy, g-string & thong are for you! As we said above, these undies were originally designed as swimwear so they cover only the minimum required to prevent indecent exposure.

Maternity panties

Maternity panties are a must-have for pregnant women. A maternity panty provides the support and belly coverage that a woman needs when she is pregnant.

Maternity panties have more cotton than other types, which eliminates moisture from being trapped inside the panty during any activity. This type of panty ensures that your skin absorbs enough oxygen to remain dry and reduce friction.

They are also softer, so they can be worn to bed.

Maternity panties are also designed to extend the life of your regular underwear.

The maternity panty is considered to be an undergarment that provides support, comfort, and stability throughout pregnancy. The purpose of maternity panties is to provide softness, stretchiness for maximum benefits. Maternity undies are normally not very high-cut with large coverage

Shaper Panties

Shaper panties are designed to give a slimmer look to your figure. It gives you more confidence, and makes you feel better without looking obvious about it!

Shaper panties are made to smooth out figure flaws and give you better lines.

They also work well under tight-fitting clothes, like form-fitting leggings or skinny jeans. You can wear shapers with any garment that needs smoothing or control.

Full coverage

Full-coverage panties are designed to be very high-cut and cover your whole rear end. These panties can give you a more conservative look and prevent pantie lines.

They normally do not have any lace on them; they tend to be plain, simple, and comfortable. They also provide extra coverage everywhere.

Functional underwear

These undies are more like “activewear” and can be worn for yoga, Pilates, biking, running. They look like regular panties but provide extra support and coverage of your belly and rear end. With built-in pockets, they’re perfect for carrying small necessities such as lip balm, money, credit cards, etc.