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What Is A Tummy Tucker?

Have you ever dropped your favorite dress just because your panties were visible out of it? No doubt, we all have done that. Isn’t it? Here comes tummy tuckers, a savior for every female living on the planet! Tummy tucker for women is a garment that helps in providing you the body shape you desire. You can find every type of tummy tucker for females online. And you know what is the good news? That it is available for sarees as well. Let’s dive straight into the topic to know more about shapewear and how you can buy them online.

How Can You Choose the Best Tummy Tucker for Women?

Staying in shape was never this easy! You can choose the best tummy tucker for females online by keeping some tips in your conscious mind. Give it a read!

1. Select a Comfy Tummy Tucker a.k.a Shapewear

It would help if your tummy tucker is comfortable along with shaping your body correctly. Avoid choosing tummy tuckers that stop you from sitting properly or using a washroom just because they’re too tight for your size. In addition, tummy tuckers fabric should be comforting to the skin rather than giving it rashes or stretches.

2. Proper Size Is A Must

Prior to purchase, invest proper time in measuring your waist and hip size so that you can buy a tummy tucker that fits your body perfectly. Often, females do not give much heed in selecting the right tummy tucker for themselves. Consequently, they end up buying a body shaper that is too small or too big for their size. Avoid making these mistakes and don’t be in a hurry.

3. Focus On Your Closet

There are innumerable tummy tuckers in the market meant for different costumes. On that account, focus on the costume for which you want to buy a tummy tucker. For instance, a tummy tucker for saree won’t go well with a tummy tucker for jeans and vice versa.

The benefit of Wearing Shapewear/ Tummy Tuckers

Tummy tuckers are every ladies’ favorite garment as it provides the confidence which they need. On that note, we can’t list down each and every benefit of a tummy tucker, but here we have jotted down some of them for you.

  • A tummy tucker for women gives you the freedom of wearing any costume confidently.
  • Tummy tucker for females online, makes your body look fit.
  • Tummy tuckers hide the extra fat that your belly contains.
  • Wearing shapewear boosts your posture and strengthens your back.
  • No matter what you wear, you won’t feel embarrassed at a party just because the shape of your panty is showing up.

Why are Fashiol and Why Choose Us?

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How to Use a Tummy Tucker?

Finding a tummy tucker for females online is easy but using a tummy tucker is a lot easier than that. Wearing a tummy tucker is as easy as wearing other dresses. There is no science involved in it. So, what are you waiting for? Your perfect body awaits you!

Types of Shapewear/ Tummy Tuckers

Various brands have shown up with different kinds of shapewear but the main types of tummy tucker for females online are listed below.

Body Brief

This shapewear is the same as your daily wear panty. It flattens your lower abdomen making you look slim.

Long Leg

This bodywear covers your body from waist to thighs. It helps reduce thigh fat.

Saree Shapewear

Specifically designed for sarees, these tummy tuckers let you flaunt your saree with style. It reduces the fat around your hip, waist, stomach, thighs, etc.

 Corset Shapewear

Want your waist to look slim? The corset is for you.

Control Camisoles

They resemble daily chemise. Control camisoles make you look slim. Additionally, they provide a smooth touch to your skin.


  • Is it safe to wear a tummy tucker?
    Experts say, wearing a tummy tucker is totally safe as they are of stretching nature. However, never wear shapewear that is too tight for you.
  • Do tummy tuckers help in weight loss?
    Tummy tuckers do not help you lose weight as they have no role in changing the physiology of your body. You still need to exercise if you wish for a real slim-toned body.
  • Can we wear tummy tucker daily?
    There is absolutely no damage in wearing a tummy tucker daily. But it is always better to avoid wearing any tight clothes/bodywear for a long time.
  • How to wear a tummy tucker under a Saree?
    Wear saree shapewear just as you wear other clothes. Now, ditch your saree’s petticoat and tie up your saree, and you’re done!
  • Can you wear a tummy tucker at night?
    It’s a bad idea! You shouldn’t be wearing any tight clothes at night.

To Conclude

Ladies want a slim and toned body on every occasion they participate in. Unfortunately, everyone does not have enough time for exercise. Tummy tucker for females, online is a boon for all of them. Buy tummy tuckers at the best prices at Fashiol.

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